Online Business - Home-Based Business But Profitable Business

In the era of internet, there are now many new businesses that are growing. One of the new businesses is an online business. Maybe not all understand the purpose of online business. Some people also ask what is the difference between a conventional business which has been running from a long time ago. This is very reasonable considering that if we look around us there are still many who do business in the form of selling goods or services that still use old ways, for example by opening stalls or shops on busy roadside and installing large banners or billboards to introduce goods or services sold. Maybe someone asks, is there something wrong with conventional methods like that. Of course such methods are not wrong, only the results may be mediocre in the sense that the buyers who come are mostly people who see the reclamation board, which means they live not far from the location of the store and billboard.
This is different from online business. Because the name is an online business, in carrying out its business, it utilizes online facilities.
What does the online facility mean? The technical explanation is long but briefly the online facility is a facility that has been able to connect to the internet. Now the internet is the key word because once the business that is run is already connected to the internet, interested buyers can come from anywhere because the internet connection has connected people living in very far countries.

How ? Did it start catching the red line?

From the explanation of the online business above, one important difference compared to conventional business shows that buyers who come are no longer just people who see the store billboards installed but buyers who come can come from countries that are far away from our store . This is with a note that the online business being run has also installed online billboards on the internet. With buyers buying online business merchandise from various countries, the difference in results compared to conventional businesses has shown that there are far more buyers than conventional businesses.

Next there are those who say online business without capital, now the sentence is actually not right. It's just an online business, meaning that there must be capital to get online. The capital to get online can be in the form of cellphones or modems or wired internet subscriptions at home and of course all of them need capital to buy mobile phones, to pay for internet packages or to pay wired internet subscriptions at home. So what says online business without capital means that it doesn't fully understand the meaning. Indeed, when compared to conventional businesses that need to have a shop or pay rent for shop houses and install billboards, the capital to start an online business is not as big as a conventional business but still needs capital. From the description above can be captured that online business can be done anywhere as long as there is an internet connection so that the term online business appears that is a home business or small capital business. There are also those who say the online business is a side business. Actually the name of business, whatever its form, both conventional and online business, must be carried out seriously. If you want to run a business online on the side, indeed you can also only the results are also not as big as those who run an online business in earnest.
Maybe someone is asking whether if I make a conventional business online business will automatically get a lot of buyers. The answer is "yes" if it makes its business an online business 10 years ago where there were still very few people selling goods online. Nowadays there are also many people who open online businesses so that the competition is also very tight except for those sold are goods or services that have not existed at all other sellers online. Now, whatever the goods already sell online, from clothing accessories to motorbikes and cars. So if you want to open an online business, you have to be serious in order to win business competition with other online businesses. From the beginning of this description the author only uses the term online business just to facilitate understanding for those who are just learning online business.
Until here I hope that I understand that online business is a business that is assisted with internet connection facilities. Now what's next including the online business? The answer is a lot, a lot. And can all conventional businesses be made online? Is the online business partially or partially online? There is still a lot that can be learned from the term online business, but for this time, this is enough so that understanding can be well understood.

Like a plant in a pot filled with soil, if it is watering it should be the right one so that the water can be absorbed properly, because if it is excessive, the water will spill.

Later the author will continue in the second part of the online business article series.

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